D’Jaly lives not too far Croydon, and has lived there all his life. From a very young age he has been very creative and musical. As a teenager, he did not have very many friends and struggled to socialise, so he used to sit on his computer in his spare time and constantly be churning out computer games and programs, as he was immersed in his own programming world. He says, ” I look back now and think of all the interesting games ideas I had as a teenager and realise how inventive a period of my life once was.”

“One of the breakthrough programs I once had on my PC in that time which I used to absolutely love was Dance Ejay & Hip-Hop Ejay. It was a very simple yet fun program that was used to create music easily.”

Ever since being a very young guy he was always interested in music, and one instrument he could play was the piano. He didn’t really have much of a repertoire of different songs, but what he could play was his own music just on the spot. As he grew, he learnt most of the scales on the piano, and was very interested in the chords used in great songs, popular & not so popular. He wasn’t really paid attention to at all, as others were irate toward his spontaneous creativity on the piano, rather than playing mainstream well known songs.

When he was about 15 he got his first 4 track Fostex recorder, which was the cheapest one going at the time. “One thing I used to do, up until I was in my early twenties, was to buy the cheapest equipment I could find- this was not always advantageous.” Back then he was so immersed in his music, that in which back then was depressing, as he expressed his emotion as a lonely teenager, that was considered by others as shy and quiet. This was a difficult thing to be as a teenager, as all the other kids flocked around those who seemed socially gifted; but he was not and often was bullied and left out. Friends- That is one thing he yearned for, but yet, it gave him more opportunity to be immersed in honing his skill of making music and developing his life.

A few years went by and a couple of hundred songs later, he then went on to publish his first Unknown Tone album in 2005. This was an extremely underground experimental breakbeat album that, instead of playing a midi keyboard in to the computer, he painted each individual note on the screen.

At this point in time he was so certain that he would get back something for his creation, he worked so hard, and yet, did not get any recognition or anything substantial in return. This was largely disappointing to him at the time; however, he may have had his priorities wrong. At the time after this he did not have a job and was extremely depressed. However, to really contemplate about things he sat down and really thought hard, and came to the conclusion that happiness wasn’t something exterior, but came from the inside.

Home at the bedroom Studio
D’Jaly’s Bedroom Studio 2016

In the December of that year- 2005, he started his own window cleaning business and continued this through these years. Over 2007 and 2008 he used this time to focus on his spirituality and the deep things in life. Over this time he made deep orchestral compositions and harmonic music; however this is not available to the public as of yet.

2009-2010 He realised after having a full two years of deep meditation, now he would come out of his shell, with a new, deeper understanding of life and the world. He was coming back from the wilderness to face life with a new understanding. This is when Unknown Tone, his artist name, released an album called Robotic Dance Machine 4000.

This particular period, especially the beginning of 2010 was the start of a great creative & deep moral educational streak in his life. It was from this year, the short stories started get written, Her Name Was Treason, and A Beggar of Another Kind.

Also at this point he sparked creativity in a children’s book series, named “The Oceanbed Friends”which he also intends to release perhaps with the collaboration of a dedicated graphic artist.

Then 2011 came along and this is when he upgraded his software and began his project with Strobegirl as he then adopted the name D’Jaly for a new sound. This was initially intended to be electropop, which didn’t fit in the Unknown Tone bracket. 

As time went on, D’Jaly & collaborater Strobegirl chose to release the long awaited album, ” How Are You?” in the beginning of 2014. On this collaborative debut album he wrote, produced the music, whilst Strobegirl wrote and sung the vocals.

As 2014 went on D’Jaly started making a Deep Tech House album, after initially doing a deep house remix of Nothing Else Counts- a track from “How Are You“. 

During the period of 2011- 2016 D’Jaly created many other unreleased instrumental songs & beats which he intends to release when the time is right.

Also coming up is a 10 track Deep-Tech album entitle “Deeper Than Our House”

For Artists:

D’Jaly currently uses Native Instruments Komplete 11 – Absynth, Massive, FM8, Battery, Kontakt, etc.  The Platform used is Cubase Artist 9.